CITEFORMA - our mission, professional and youth training

CITEFORMA is a Professional Centre of Participated Administration, created in 1987, trough agreement between SITESE (Clerks, Commerce, Hotel and Services Union) and IEFP (Institute of Employment and Professional Training).

All along these years, it has been recognized as a centre of shown competence in the following training areas: Accounting and Tax Inspection, Financial, Management, Marketing, Technical Computing, Computing, Languages, Trainers Training, Audovisuals and Media Production, Behaviour, Law and Secretarial Skills. 

In its first year of existence, in 1988, the Centre carries out 61 training actions, in a total of 3774 hours and received 1231 trainees. The 2004 figures show the evolution since then: 205 actions, 21.304 hours and 3559 trainees.

Nowadays, CITEFORMA carries out professional training courses directed to young trainees, aiming to offer a suitable transition to the world of labour increasing a development of professional qualification of the active population.

Its training activity is planned according to the market needs, being regularly adjusted in order to answer efficiently to the technological evolution of the labour universe, to new challenges and new task approaches.

Rendering training services and consulting to companies as well as involvement in national and trasnational projects, also makes this Centre, a space of creativity: promoting research, development of studies, search for new training techniques, and the issue of pedagogical supporting material.


This training, conceived and taught by expert professionals is usually performed after working hours it's addressed to clerks, commerce professionals, services and new technologies.

To face a developing and competitive market, the centre developed some skilled areas, which may be acheived through attendance of established group courses. This training projects offer a complete and better-structured knowledge and, as a result, an improvement and professional recognition. It matches essential subjects with complementary ones, assuring to the professionals an extensive knowledge in the area where they perform their tasks.



The Centre also develops courses addressed to young people, who wishes to obtain a qualification in a certain specific area, and therefore to reach the professional market with a better preparation. These courses offer the acquisition of knowledge behaviour and attitudes, which are essential to perform a certain profession. CITEFORMA offer three type of courses: the Learning System (for applicants owing the 9th secondary schooling level). the Qualification (12th level) and Technological Skills (12th level + Qualification Level III).

All of them include a specific technological and scientific training, as well as a general training, through which we aim to develop the social-cultural level of the young people, and also an item of practise in a professional context, allowing his participation in the professional market.

If you need more information, please contact us by email or by the phone +351.217.994.560

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